Great Info is a FREE Advertising/Marketing platform and localized market place where businesses and private individuals can showcase their businesses, services and individual products.

Great Info is a localized market place that makes buying and selling simple and easy, bringing buyer and seller in contact with each other in a localized manner.

Private individuals can use Great Info to buy goods or get in contact with businesses offering various services and products, or sell their pre – loved goods and turn no longer needed goods into cash.

Businesses can market their businesses, their individual goods/products and services to 1000’s of visitors.

Businesses are also invited to advertise their specials, promotions and upcoming events. Businesses can also get into contact with us if they want to promote their competitions through our various marketing platforms. (Contact us).

Great Info is also especially interested in helping to promote non – profit organisations (charities), schools and residents associations and other groups helping in our communities. (Contact us)